President's Message

President MessageThe year 2017 will be a great year for the 100 Black Men of St. Mary Parish, Inc.  We are very excited to be moving FOWARD with high expectations on Mentoring the 100 Way. Our chapter members are 100% certified in mentoring in conjunction with the Univ. Of Phoenix and our national office.  Our mentee's will be our focus as we stay committed to our future generation

February is also Black History Month. Each year the 100 in conjunction with KBZE 105.9 conduct our Annual Essay writing contest.  Since most of the youth today are on the web, we will make this year contest a web base contest were the student will submit there essay via the Internet.  Stay tuned to KBZE 105.9 for more details....

Many more events are in store for the community later this year and we know that everyone will be blessed by what will be offered to our community.